Was moving out the right choice?

I'm currently on my lush pea green sofa, watching Bojack Horseman, writing this blog post in my own flat! Yep, you read that write! I am finally in my own place. After months of me and Phil looking for places and trying to decide whether we wanted to stay put and save for a mortgage or whether... Continue Reading →

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Our two year anniversary!

On Monday evening, me and Phil spent the evening at The Falmouth Hotel in (funnily enough..) Falmouth to celebrate being together for two years and I have to say, it was not a disappointment. When we first arrived, we were blown away with how big the room is and also the view was incredible. We... Continue Reading →

Emily’s: a (mostly) healthy eatery

I am a very fortunate individual where I live in a very very beautiful place. That place is in the South West of England, called Cornwall. Most people know it very well and for the months of April - October, it becomes home to some or all of you. There are parts of Cornwall that become home... Continue Reading →

Life Update: I’m qualified!

As you might of guessed by the blog title, I am now officially a qualified beauty therapist! After a year and a half of practicals and anatomy and physiology, I am now a Level 2 qualified beauty therapist. It's such a massive thing for me to of completed this. With the support of my amazing... Continue Reading →

My first LookFantastic box

We live in a generation where there are subscription boxes for everything. Beauty, geeks, ladies' time of the month.. there's even ones for men's razors. We're a generation that has become obsessed. We like things at convenience and for a little fortune, we're willing to not have to go out and get it ourselves. I,... Continue Reading →

Janurary favourites

photo credit: margaret leongOkay, so maybe I am a little late with writing this post but in some ways it is linked in to the fact that Valentine's Day has just passed us by. In relation to the subject of love, I decided that I was going to a a Janurary favourites of products, TV shows... Continue Reading →

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